Apple Safari Is Secure…. NOT!

There’s a hacking contest that’s part of CanSecWest going on right now in Vancouver BC and for the second year in a row, a Mac was the first to be hacked. Charlie Miller who is best known for hacking the iPhone, cracked a MacBook Air with nothing but OS X installed in under two minutes by having contest organizers visit a website that contained his exploit code. That code allowed him to take control of the computer and score him the MacBook Air and $10,000. That implies that the hole that he exploited is in the Safari browser, but we won’t know for a while as he has signed a NDA to allow Apple to fix the hole. Last year Shane Macaulay used a Safari hole to score himself a MacBook, so clearly Safari is not as secure as Apple thinks it is. That’s a great reason to switch to FireFox now to protect yourself in the short term (assuming that you don’t already use FireFox) until Apple fixes it. But it really shoots a hole into Apple’s claim that “Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.” (go to and click Security on the left hand side)

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