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Is Apple Insecure? Yes Say Researchers.


On the heels of being the first OS that was hacked at CanSecWest last week (via the Safari browser), not to mention having two highly critical security issues with the Windows version of Safari, comes the news that Apple is actually behind Microsoft in the way it addresses security issues (another view of this can be found here). The two guys who researched this found that the time it takes Apple to patch an issue has increased significantly, and Apple products are now experiencing more security related issues than ever before. Think about that for a second. This means that either Microsoft has come a long way in terms of improving it’s response to security issues, or Apple has taken a huge dive. Personally I think it’s a bit of both. But in any case, this is something that Apple is going to need to address right now. Otherwise, I think you’ll see that all the momentum that Apple gained from the mis-steps of Windows Vista is going to swing in the other direction as the shine from being “more secure than Microsoft” wears off.

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