Time Machine Backups Via Airport Extreme Airdisk Are “Unsupported”… WTF?

Okay Apple. You’ve finally started to gain hearts and minds, you’ve gained market share, and you even have cool commercials. But you’re really dropping the ball lately. Your browser is proven to be insecure, your “update” practices are at best questionable, and your relationship with security researchers is kind of bad at the moment. But now comes the news that the ability to back up your Mac via Time Machine to an Airdisk (a USB hard drive connected to an Airport Extreme WiFi base station) is officially “unsupported” by Apple Tech Support. This despite the fact that it shows up in Time Machine as a supported backup volume if you’ve installed the latest batch of updates for OS X (although the word on the street is that your mileage may vary in terms of how well it works). Not to mention that Apple’s Time Capsule product (which is an Airport Extreme with a 500GB or 1TB hard disk built in) works just fine with Time Machine. This could just be an oversight, or it could be an incredibly cynical attempt to sell more Time Capsules since it is “officially” supported for Time Machine backups. Either way, Apple needs to add this to the list of things to fix fast. Otherwise you’ll see Apple’s public perception nosedive quickly.

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