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Charlie Angus Calls Out Industry Minister In Open Letter


NDP Member of Parliament Charlie Angus has clearly become sick of Industry Minister Jim Prentice doing nothing about the net neutrality issue. So he’s written an open letter to him asking him to do something sooner rather than later. In the letter, he writes among other things:

“In order to ensure consumer confidence, it is incumbent upon the CRTC to examine the issue of traffic management to ensure that such interventions are not used as a convenient cover to price-gouge consumers or to degrade the quality of their competitors’ services.”


“I am urging you to adopt the recommendations of the Telecommunications Review Panel in order to send a clear signal that Canada has a plan going forward to ensure continued development of internet technologies and fairness for consumers.”

Now the only question is will the Industry Minister respond. Seeing as he has proven to be completely ineffective in terms of dealing with this issue, I’m not holding my breath. Perhaps Prime Minister Steven Harper should replace him with someone with a bit more backbone if the Conservative Party is truly serious about ensuring a free market exists. Clearly Prentice isn’t serious about that as he is just paying lip service to the issue.

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