India’s Intelligence Bureau To RIM: Stuff It

The latest installment of this soap opera goes something like this:

The Intelligence Bureau has had a look at a RIM proposal where RIM had offered assistance to decompress the data and e-mail sent by a BlackBerry user to any other mobile handset or computer. Their answer was:

“The proposal was not agreed to by the IB as this leaks the information regarding the person whose information is being intercepted”

All righty then.

They also don’t like the fact that they can’t monitor BlackBerry to BlackBerry traffic because it completely the networks of Indian mobile operators providing these services and directly hit RIM’s servers in Waterloo, Ontario.

But they did say the willingness of RIM to place servers in India is “encouraging.” So I guess that’s progress…

Read the full story here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. RIM shouldn’t cave to these guys. They should stand up to India and be prepared to pull the plug if required. Granted that’s not easy to do when you’re dealing with one of the biggest markets on planet earth. But it sure beats the alternative of caving to them, and then watching every other country on earth line up to get the same treatment.

One Response to “India’s Intelligence Bureau To RIM: Stuff It”

  1. spooky Says:

    Buddy, Its a security breach.. and its not acceptable for Her ( India ). As you know, India now has the Most number of Mobile users , and the potential for Black Berry is very high. Hence there in no harm in implementing the servers in India.

    As you know , its the beginning of Black berry usage in India, even if the government ban it, thats going to effect very less number of users. Hence if RIM want to capitalize the potential of Indian market , they have to go with IB’s suggestions. If they are not going to, She dont need the service itself.

    You will be very much aware of Her capabilities , so if RIM decides to exclude India, Indians are going to develop better technology with cheaper cost ( As done in many circumstances after 1998 ).

    So its simple, If they want business, do it our way, else we will do it our own.


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