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CIPPIC Wants To Play MythBuster By Illustrating Legal Uses Of P2P


Savvy computer users know that there are more uses for BitTorrent and other P2P applications then downloading warez and pron. But the general public and more importantly, the CRTC and politicians don’t. That’s why they’ve posted this on

“Unfortunately, P2P is commonly associated with illegal file sharing. This colouring has allowed firms who engage in traffic shaping practices to single out the technology of peer-to-peer as a less worthy mode of Internet traffic. This needs to change. The general public must be educated about the benefits of P2P, and this myth that P2P users are somehow “abusing” their Internet connection must be put to rest.”

I encourage you to visit this thread and add your $0.02 worth. It’s important that the general public understand why P2P is important and why it should not be throttled.

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