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VMWare Fusion 2.0 Beta Available….. Looks Interesting So Far


When I wasn’t watching for news on the new iPhone 3G, I was checking out the new VMWare Fusion 2.0 beta. Since I run Parallels Desktop, I was interested in how it stacks up. Given the fact that it’s a beta, you can’t make hard and fast conclusions about it. But you can form some opinions. Here are mine:

The only thing that stops me from using this is the USB support isn’t as good as Parallels Desktop. Things like memory sticks work fine, but my webcam and my MobiKEY didn’t work (they both work fine with Parallels Desktop). To be fair, that was the case with Fusion 1.1.3. Perhaps they’ll improve the USB support before it exits beta. Otherwise I may be tempted to stick with Parallels Desktop.

I wouldn’t recommend using this beta for anything important. But it’s worth experimenting with if you’re interested in running Windows on your Mac.

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