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Why I Dislike Windows Vista


Regular readers of my blog might notice that I take a fair amount of shots at Microsoft Windows Vista. Clearly I’m no fan of it, but I guess it would help to explain why I feel this way. So, let me list the reasons why I dislike Vista:

  1. Cancel or allow hell: I generally don’t turn security features off, but to actually use my Vista computer I had to shut off User Account Control because of all of the cancel or allow prompts. Security should not get in the way of the user experience. With Vista, security is always in the way.
  2. Vista requires 2GB of RAM as a minimum for even a home system so that you can get decent performance. At least with XP you could get decent performance out of 512MB to a 1GB. At least RAM is cheap these days.
  3. Want to upgrade to Vista on your current hardware? Forget it. You’re better off buying a new system as your current hardware likely won’t be able to handle Vista.
  4. The driver support has been sketchy at best. That’s been underscored by the fact that poorly written drivers are the main cause of Vista instability (just ask nVidia video card owners).
  5. Battery life on portable computers nosedives if you have Vista thanks to all of the Aero eye candy.
  6. The many different versions of Vista confuse the hell out of basic computer users as they have no clue what exactly they need. Do they need basic or premium? What about ultimate? I guess Microsoft is counting on Joe Enduser to take the easy way out and buy the most expensive one.

I’m sure I can come up with more, but these are the ones that I deal with in some way, shape, or form on a frequent basis. Perhaps the OS will grow on me as it matures. But by then Windows 7 might be out, and I might be using that instead.

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