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Nvidia Reports Issue With Notebooks Graphic Chipsets… Takes $150 – $200 Million Charge… Ouch!


Graphics chipset company Nvidia announced that it had a problem with the graphic chipsets that are used in notebooks. The problem appears to be widespread, or as Nvidia put it, it is in “significant quantities” of their chips. Nvidia will take a $150 to $200 million charge against their Q2 earnings which won’t delight shareholders. They do have a fix though:

“To tackle the problem, the company is releasing a software driver that will cause system fans to start operating sooner and reduce the “thermal stress” on the chips. The driver has been provided to laptop makers directly, said Derek Perez, an Nvidia spokesman.”

This has sent Macbook Pro users into a tizzy as Nvida has been the graphic chipsets of choice in the last two revisions of the Macbook Pro. If Macbook Pro users are affected, expect a patch to hit the streets soon.

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