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HSBC NOT Dumping BlackBerries For iPhones…. RIM Breathes Easy…


You’ll recall that I reported last week that HSBC was looking at replacing BlackBerries with iPhones? You’ll also recall that I said this:

“This one sounds too good to be true, but seeing as it’s popping up everywhere I decided to say something about it.”

And I said this:

“In my humble opinion, it won’t happen. Either they’ll look at it and decide that it’s not the right device for them and they’ll keep their BlackBerries. Or Research In Motion will send a small army of sales reps into HSBC to ensure they don’t become iCustomers.”

Guess what? It is apparently too good to be true (although the Fox Mulders of the universe will say that RIM sent an army of sales reps into HSBC too). This blog claims to have evidence that a move to the iPhone for HSBC will not happen:

“As one person I called, who asked to remain anonymous, told me “there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell” it was happening.”

I must admit that I thought about not writing the story when it first hit the blogapshere. However when it started to filter into the mainstream press, it became impossible for me to ignore. That’s why I posted it. I too got caught up in the hype to some degree.

Going forward, I think I will be a bit more careful about what I post.

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