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FCC Releases Comcast Throttling Order… Yawn.


This document (Warning: PDF) just appeared on the FCC site a few minutes ago. It is 67 pages long, but what it tells Comcast to do is in the following paragraph:

“Disclose the details of their unreasonable network management practices, submit a compliance plan describing how it intends to stop these unreasonable management practices by the end of the year, and disclose to both the Commission and the public the details of the network management practices that it intends to deploy following termination of its current practices.”

Great. Excecpt for a whole bunch of things:

  1. The FCC order doesn’t actually punish Comcast in any way.
  2. It doesn’t force them to do anything they didn’t plan to do after this story hit the media.
  3. It may not even be enforceable in court.
  4. Comcast continues to use forged packets to throttle upstream P2P traffic and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

I must be missing something here because I can’t see what purpose this order serves. Perhaps someone will enlighten me.

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