iPhone 2.0.2 Update May Actually Fix Reception Issues…. If Everybody Upgrades….

It seems that someone at AT&T has leaked the details of why the 2.0.2 update for the iPhone may cure the reception issues that everyone has been talking about.

Assuming you buy into this report, what this update does is it has iPhone ask for less power from AT&T’s towers for UMTS voice and data transmission. In the past, the iPhone 3G was asking for more power than the iPhone actually required. So when many iPhone users were stacked on one base transceiver station tower, the tower simply ran out of power. That results in a dropped call and poor 3G connections.

Sounds simple right?

The problem will be fully fixed until the update is distrubuted to more handsets. Which explains why those text messages on the AT&T network were being sent out to iPhone users. Apple could have simply explained this when they released the firmware update rather than treat the reason for the update as a state secret. That would have avoided all of this speculation and bad mouthing by carriers among others. Not to mention it would have avoided a lawsuit or two.

But whatever.

I’ll wait and see what the fanbois on the Interwebs say about this after they upgrade and use it for a while. Logic says that if this report is accurate, users should start seeing improvements in the next few weeks.

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