Religious Group Urges People To Complain About Unfiltered Net Access On Planes….WTF?

From the “are you kidding me” file comes this story. American religious group Focus On The Family has put up this post urging people to bully encourage American Airlines to install filters for their on-board Internet access so that you can’t surf for porn while you fly:

An American Airlines spokesman said flight attendants will be trained to handle the situation if a passenger is viewing porn.

Daniel Weiss, senior analyst for media and sexuality at Focus on the Family Action, called the decision another example of pornography running amok.

“Because this nation has not been serious about vigorously attacking pornography, some believe it is appropriate to view in public,” he said. “Not only will the flight attendants be placed in a situation that could be considered sexual harassment, passengers who openly view porn where children can see it may be violating federal harmful-to-minor laws.”

Here’s a news flash dude: Nobody is that dumb!

Most individuals know how to behave in public. Those who don’t will get smacked around and they would totally deserve it. We don’t need filters (that don’t actually work properly and often filter out useful content) to do this for us. Besides, who appointed you the guardians of our moral standards?

Fortunately American Airlines isn’t as stupid as they are has seen the light and as noted above they will leave it to flight attendants to deal with any situation that arises (one would think that if an Air Marshall is on board, s/he would get involved as well). That’s the way it should be in a country like America.

Besides, if you want to live in a country that has filtered Internet access that keeps porn out, I hear China has a system for that which works well enough. Perhaps you guys should set up shop there. I’m sure you’d be happy living in that sort of environment.

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