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Bell Canada Gets Nailed For Charging A “Late Fee” To ExpressVu Customers


Today is a good day. Why? Bell Canada’s ExpressVu unit lost a case in Ontario Superior Court where the court ruled that their $25 late fee which was charged on top of interest charges was illegal. Bell had argued that it was simply trying to recoup costs that were incurred due to customers not paying their bills on time, but Justice Paul Perell found that argument to be bullshit invalid:

“I regard this as an absurd result that reveals that ExpressVu’s argument is unsound,” he said in his decision.

Because the case had class action status, this decision could affect up to 1.7 million customers. Bell hasn’t decided if it will file an appeal, so this may not be over just yet. But for those who have been following the Bell throttling case over the last few months, perhaps this is the start of Bell Canada’s downfall.

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