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Security Flaw Found In Android Phones…. Google Is Mad


If you have a phone running the Android OS from Google, here’s a reason to worry. A former National Security Agency computer security specialist named Charles Miller, who is best known for hacking a MacBook Air in a recent hacking contest, has discovered that if an phone with the Android OS visits a specially crafted site, the phone is open to having software installed on it that can do keystroke logging. Google is not happy that he went public with this:

“Google executives said they believed that Mr. Miller had violated an unwritten code between companies and researchers that is intended to give companies time to fix problems before they are publicized.”

Hey Google, you can’t expect people to keep quiet about your flaws (or any flaw in any product for that matter). So suck it up and come out with a fix. That would be the best way to deal with this.

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