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iPhone Is #1 With Consumers… Fanbois Rejoyce Along With “The Steve” [UPDATED]


This press release from NPD will put a smile on the faces of fanbois and Apple employees. According to NPD, the iPhone has dethroned the Motorola RAZR as the #1 phone for consumers:

“The displacement of the RAZR by the iPhone 3G represents a watershed shift in handset design from fashion to fashionable functionality,” said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis for NPD. “Four of the five best-selling handsets in the third quarter were optimized for messaging and other advanced Internet features.”

Following the iPhone and the RAZR, comes the RIM Blackberry Curve, LG Rumor and LG enV2. Clearly this shows the god like powers that Apple now have over the cell phone industry. If you give them enough time, they’ll likely take over the business market too.

UPDATE: According to Square Trade [Warning: PDF], iPhones are more reliable than BlackBerries too. According to the study, the iPhone is about twice as reliable as a Blackberry after one year of ownership. Apple fanbois rejoyce!

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