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Claims That Parallels Shipped Pre-Release Code Surface…. This May Explain A Lot Of Things


The Register is reporting that Parallels might have shipped pre-release code in boxed versions of Parallels Desktop 4:

“On the launch day, November 11, boxed software buyers received PD4 build 3047, dated October 16 2008, whereas customers downloading the software from Parallels’ website received build 3522 dated November 8 2008.”

That’s not a minor difference from where I sit. But a Parallels sock puppet spokesperson said the following:

Jenny Ellis, world-wide communications director for Parallels, said: “The version of Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac that was shipped in the boxes was absolutely market-ready … Whilst the version that launched in boxes and the version that’s available online were different, it is not the case that one was a pre-release version, or was in any way less ready for customers. Both completed the acceptance testing process and both are fully supported by Parallels.”

Gee. That sounds like a wee bit of spin to me. I’ve worked in software development environments in the past, and this explanation sounds really disingenuous. You may want to consider the following as well:

Parallels Desktop’s build history includes the first release candidate, build 3035, and the second release candidate, build 3051.

The boxed software, build 3047, would sequentially fit between the two release candidates. Bugs in build 3047 could be reasonably expected to have been fixed in later builds of the software.

This would explain a lot of things. As I said when I first posted this story, I have had no issues with Parallels Deskotp 4. That’s because I’ve been using builds 3522 and 3540 which I downloaded from the Parallels site. That makes this story completely plausible from where I sit.

So, I would recommend the following if you have issues with Parallels Desktop 4 and you’re using something other than builds 3522 and 3540. Download the latest version and do an uninstall and reinstall of Parallels Desktop 4. DO NOT UPGRADE an existing install of Parallels Desktop. Then update the Parallels Tools on your virtual machines. I suspect that this might solve some of the issues that people have been complaining about.

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