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Canadian Computer And Network Security Company Gets Their Phone System Owned By Hackers…. HA HA!


This won’t be good for business.

A Winnipeg company called HUB Computer Solutions that specializes in computer and network security is ironically enough on the hook for a $52,000 CDN phone bill after someone hacked into their voice mail system and found a way to dial out to Bulgaria. The Winnipeg Free Press has a very interesting story about this and points out that HUB Computer Solutions won’t get any love from Canadian telco MTS because the phone equipment belongs to the customer and not to MTS.

Some things jump out at me:

  1. Why would HUB Computer Solutions let something as embarrassing as that hit the press?
  2. There is ZERO chance that anybody in Winnipeg is going to let them secure their network after this.
  3. Perhaps this guy should be ticked off at the people who installed this equipment rather than MTS? After all if it was secured properly, he woudn’t be out $52,000 CDN.

In the end, it sucks to be them.

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