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Psystar Wins Right To Countersue Apple…. iLawyers And Fanbois Dismayed


I have to admit that I never saw this coming. Given that Apple had the power of the iLawyers behind it, it was a shock for me to read that Apple clonemaker Psystar has won the right to continue their countersuit against Apple:

[Federal Judge William] Alsup also said that if Psystar proves that Apple abused copyright laws, some of Apple’s charges against the company would be moot. He also seemed to say that that others would then be free to follow in Psystar’s footsteps. “Moreover, if established, misuse would bar enforcement (for the period of misuse) not only as to defendants who are actually party to the challenged license but also as to potential defendants not themselves injured by the misuse who may have similar interests,” said Alsup in his ruling.

Well, this has to suck if you’re part of the iLawyer team that’s fighting this. But fear not Apple Fanbois. This is not the end of this battle. Expect the iLawyers to step things up a couple of notches so that Psystar is crushed out of existence defeated in court.

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