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Apple Wants to Jail iPhone Jailbreakers


I see that the iLawyers are busy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a petition (Warning: PDF) back in December to make Jaibreaking (which enables you to install whatever applications you want on a device such as a cell phone) legal. To nobody’s surprise, Apple has filed a response (Warning: PDF) to this. Apple argues that:

“it will destroy the technological protection of Apple’s key copyrighted computer programs in the iPhone device itself and of copyrighted content owned by Apple that plays on the iPhone, resulting in copyright infringement, potential damage to the device and other potential harmful physical effects, adverse effects on the functioning of the device, and breach of contract.”

Translation: We at Apple know what’s good for you so we want you to only get your applications for your iPhone through us and only us.

But wait, there’s more. Apple also argues that making Jailbreaking legal is:

“amount to an attack on Apple’s particular business choices with respect to the design of the iPhone mobile computing platform and the strategy for delivering applications software for the iPhone through the iPhone App Store,”

Translation: We at Apple won’t make money off of people who Jailbreak their iPhones. So we must put an end to this now or God Steve Jobs might develop a chair throwing habit just like that other Steve at Microsoft.

Here’s the bottom line: It doesn’t matter if you’re for Jailbreaking or you could care less. Jailbreaking will happen regardless of what the outcome of this is. The only question you should care about is this: If you create apps that allow you to Jailbreak iPhones or you actually install your own software on your iPhone, should you be on the lookout for the cops or worse, the iLawyers?

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