Cogeco Joins Time Warner In Usage Based Billing

I guess Cogeco isn’t afraid of losing customers as they have announced that usage based billing is headed to their users, just like Time Warner announced yesterday. The change was announced by a Cogeco employee on yesterday and if you read through the thread, users of Cogeco are not happy campers. To be fair, Cogeco is not the first ISP to do this sort of thing in Canada as Rogers has had usage based billing for well over a year. But if you take into account that according to their own financial statements [Warning: PDF] in their last quarter Cogeco’s consolidated revenue increased by 18.5% to $308.4 million, this seems like a huge cash grab to me.

If I were an independant ISP like Teksavvy who has an excellent reputation on, I’d be gearing up for a bunch of new customers to be appearing at your doorstep shortly.

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