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Owners Of Apple, HP And Dell Notebooks Sue Nvidia Over Dodgy Hardware


Another lawsuit has been filed over the Nvidia graphics chipset circus. According to CIO Magazine, owners of Dell, HP and Apple notebooks are trying to combine their lawsuits against Nvidia into a single lawsuit. They’re also looking for class action status as well:

The plaintiffs in the combined lawsuit said that anything other than a replacement of the flawed chips was insufficient. “This is a grossly inadequate ‘remedy,’ as it results in additional manifest defects, including, without limitation, further degraded battery life, system performance and increased noise in the Class Computers,” the complaint read.

“Worse, this ‘remedy’ fails to solve the actual problem. Instead, this measure only ensures that the Class Computers will fail after the OEM’s express warranty period expires, potentially leaving consumers with a defective computer and no immediate recourse,” the lawsuit continued. “Finally, even after this purported ‘update,’ video and system performance is still degraded due to unacceptably high heat and part failures.”

The Plantiffs want unspecified damages on top of the replacement of their faulty graphics chipsets. Perhaps Nvidia should have heeded my advice from this posting:

Nvidia has to step up to the table regardless of whether this is fact or not and clear this up once and for all. Users of their chipsets have the right to know if the Nvidia chipset they have in their computer is faulty or not. If they are, users of their products have the right to a speedy replacement with a part that works. If Nvidia doesn’t do that and these chips are faulty, then they deserve to be run out of business.

Perhaps it’s time that they got run out of business as this has really been handled poorly by them.

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