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Has Nvidia Been Punted From Dell? [UPDATED]


The Inquirer is reporting that Dell has kicked Nvidia to the curb because of their ongoing nightmare with their graphics processor chipsets:

This is nothing less than a sea change at Dell. Nvidia has basically been shown the door by Dell in a most unceremonious fashion. Nvidia either decided to stop buying market share, or Dell just got fed up with it, but don’t preclude both.

From reading the article, it appears that The Inquirer  bases this on the fact that with the exception of a few XPS models, desktops are no longer coming with Nvidia hardware. They also cite that laptops are not far behind. Of course there are no sources to back this info up. But they did break the story on Nvidia’s problems and have been right about all the details to this point. So this report should be taken as plausible until there is definitive proof either way. And if this is true, then the downfall of Nvidia has begun.

Not that I’m suprised given the way they’ve handled this circus.

UPDATE: For some bizarre reason, I quoted The Register as the source of this story. It should be the Inquirer. Thanks to the “AngryTechnician” for pointing that out.

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