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Judge Says Apple Can Continue To Kick Psystar In The Nether Regions


When we last we looked at Apple vs. Psystar, the whole suit was on hold because Psystar had filed for chapter 11 protection. Normally, that should put a hold on any legal proceedings until the chapter 11 issues are sorted out. But Apple has won the right to keep going after Psystar despite their ongoing chapter 11 issues:

Apple made a strong case for having the stay lifted, noting that Psystar filed for bankruptcy after a motion was granted compelling Psystar to give Apple additional documents. The bankruptcy filing also came just before a scheduled deposition from Psystar.

Apple cleared the way for the bankruptcy court to lift the stay by agreeing that it would not try to collect any monetary damages against Psystar if it won the infringement case. That was also a condition imposed by Judge Mark in making his ruling.

So unless Psystar can somehow come up with another way to stall things, they may be screwed once and for all. Of course, the proof is always in the pudding, so we’ll see what happens next in this bizarre tale.

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