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Psystar Is Back From The Dead With A New Product…. And They Issue Veiled Threats To Apple


This whole bizarre tale has taken another detour. It now seems that Psystar who I had said was dead as Michael Jackson has risen from the grave. According to an e-mail obtained by The Unofficial Apple Weblog, they look like they’re ready for a fight:

As you all may already be aware in late May, Psystar filed for bankruptcy protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we are now ready to emerge and again battle Goliath.

Are these guys serious? Using a David and Goliath metaphor implies that they’re somehow going to “kill” Apple, even though the chances of them doing that are slim to none (with slim having packed his bags and left town). They really need to cut back on the bravado and focus on defending themselves. In any case, in the same e-mail they’ve also announced the $1500 USD, i7-based Open(7) desktop. Something that I’m sure will get the iLawyers attention in a big hurry.

With these latest developments the people who run this company have got to have the biggest testicles in the universe, or they are simply nuts. My vote is for the latter. Because there’s no rational reason why they should fight this to the degree they have.

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