iTunes 8.2.1 Breaks Palm Pre Syncing…. Why Am I Not Shocked By This?

I had a feeling that this wouldn’t last long. iTunes 8.2.1 hit the streets today. Here’s what the read me from Software update says:

iTunes 8.2 now supports iPhone or iPod touch with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. iTunes 8.2 also includes many accessibility improvements and bug fixes.

iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices.

So, what does “addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices” mean? If you’re a Palm Pre user, it means your smartphone won’t sync with iTunes anymore. Don’t buy it? Here’s what Apple said to BusinessWeek:

“iTunes 8.2.1 is a free software update that provides a number of important bug fixes,” says Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris. “It also disables devices falsely pretending to be iPods, including the Palm Pre. As we’ve said before, newer versions of Apple’s iTunes software may no longer provide syncing functionality with unsupported digital media players.”

So if you’re a Pre user you should not update to the latest iTunes. Of course you can expect Palm to come out with some kind of firmware update to enable syncing again. At which point you can expect Apple to come out with another iTunes update that breaks that ability. At which point, lawyers (or iLawyers if you’re Apple) may get involved.

So here’s a question that I’ve got for you guys and girls. Is Apple justified in doing this or are they acting kind of Microsoft like (seeing as they control the majority of the digital media player market)? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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