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Another Sign The Power PC Is Doomed… Apple Releases Intel Only Pro Apps


Apple this morning released new versions of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio. That in itself is big news, but there’s bigger news if you dig a bit deeper. If you check the system requirements for both suites, here’s what you’ll find. For Final Cut Studio you’ll see the following:

And for Logic Studio:

That’s right, Power PC processor based Macs need not apply. This is clearly another sign that the Power PC is dead and all Apple apps will eventually be Intel only. In June it was Snow Leopard going Intel only. Today it’s the pro applications like Final Cut and Logic. Tomorrow it will be iLife and iWork. Then it will be other developers of Mac software. So if you haven’t moved to an Intel Mac yet, you should make plans to head to your local Apple Store as the days of running a Power PC based Mac are clearly numbered. Much as I said in this posting that got the fanbois so up in arms.

UPDATE: Logic Express and Final Cut Server have been updated today as well. They too are Intel only.

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