Psystar Speaks…. Perhaps Not Such A Good Idea…

Psystar has opened up a community section on their website. Here’s what it’s all about:

In the past, Psystar has taken a reserved stance towards interactions with the public and media under the advice of our previous legal counsel. We would like to apologize to everyone, as this has never reflected the opinion of Psystar, nor its founders or employees. We invite you to come and exchange ideas with us and let us know what topics you’re interested in. We will also be transitioning all open source materials from Psystar to this site and are developing a wiki to better explain and perhaps even standardize methods for running OS X on generic Intel hardware.

Okay. Sounds interesting, so I decided to browse through it. Take this post which was placed on the Psystar website yesterday. I’ll hit the highlights for you. First they have new lawyers:

Camara & Sibley LLP of Houston, Texas, has officially become our primary legal counsel in our ongoing litigation with Apple.

Wow. That’s a change. They were previously represented by Carr & Ferrell who are best known for beating Apple back in 2006 when Apple sued I wonder what made them change lawyers?

But there’s more.

Apple’s copyright on OS X doesn’t give Apple the right to tell people what they can do with it after they buy a copy. Apple can’t tell an applications developer that it can’t make a piece of Mac-compatible software. They can’t forbid Mac users from writing blogs critical of Apple. And they can’t tell us not to write kernel extensions that turn the computers we buy into Mac-compatible hardware.

That sounds remarkably level headed and balanced. Perhaps someone told Psystar that their silly proclamations like how they bought OS X from Apple and Apple forgot to copyright OS X were dumb and they should just tone that down to avoid looking like complete losers.

Oh, (with apologies to Steve Jobs) there’s one more thing:

A new trial date has been set for January 11, 2010, in federal court in San Francisco. As we move toward trial, we’ll be keeping you informed about the arguments, the evidence, and what’s going on in the case. And, come January, Camara & Sibley will be ready to fight for Psystar, guns blazin’.

They were doing so well up until that point. Guns blazin? WTF? I’m sure that their legal team is less than thrilled to hear those words come out of their mouths.

There’s there’s a post about a Psystar running a contest called “I’m A Psystar:”

From now to September 1st, contestants will be given the opportunity to submit their commercial for consideration to Psystar via A panel of judges will select the top 5 submissions, which will then be voted on by the public. The contestant that receives the highest number of votes will win a new Open 7 featuring a an Intel Nehalem Processor.

Clearly they didn’t have any original ideas left so they stole one from Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” ad campaign. Sad. Really Sad.

Oh, if the weren’t in enough trouble as it is, this post will likely get Apple’s attention:

Psystar is proud to announce it is expanding its distribution to South America, with our newest distributor based in Guatemala.

Lovely. Now they’re exporting. I’m sure that “The Steve” and his iLawyers will just love to see that.

Bottom line. Psystar’s attempt to reach out to customers and control their message is perhaps not the best thing to do. Methinks that all they’ve accomplished is handing the iLawyers lots of reasons to defeat them in court.

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