T-Mobile Charges Fee Of $1.50 For Paper Billing… WTF?

Some companies just are insane. According to TmoNews, T-Mobile has decided to charge customers who dare to want a paper bill will be charged $1.50 for the privilege. The blog tries to spin it this way:

“I know some of you will have concerns about this, as it is always certain that someone will always find fault with carrier charges.  Seriously, being paperless is a real joy and while I don’t usually concern myself with environmental concerns, there is that added benefit to not having stacks of paper anymore on my desk.”

Yeah. That’s true if you have Internet access. But what if you don’t or you simply want a paper bill? Then they get to suck another $1.50 out of you. I’ll also point out that if they were doing this to save paper, then they should be giving you a discount to go paperless rather than penalizing you by not being paperless.

This is a totally craptastic idea. T-Mobile needs to rethink this and their customers should let these idiots know that. Or switch to a carrier that has a clue.

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