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Rogers Announces TV Call Display [UPDATED]


I received a tip from my “new best friends at Rogers” that they’re going to roll out a new service called TV Call Display. In a nutshell, if you are a Rogers Home Phone customer as well as a Rogers Digital TV customer, you will be able to see the name and number of incoming calls on your television screen. They’ll be no extra charge for this feature if you already subscribe to Rogers Home Phone customer as well as Rogers Digital TV. Sounds interesting. I haven’t got the full details on this just yet because I have no power at home due to a wicked storm that rolled through Toronto yesterday, but I’ll post more info when I can.

UPDATE: Now that I have power (it took you long enough Toronto Hydro… WTF? 36 hours to restore power?) I can post a picture of what this service will look like on your TV. Photo provided by Rogers.

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