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Has Apple Dropped The Ball On Shipping Snow Leopard Update DVDs To Canadians?[UPDATED]


There’s a fairly lengthy thread on Canadian Apple Fanboi Site where disgruntled Canadian fanbois are venting. Why? Many of the people venting ordered Snow Leopard Up To Date DVDs as they have recently purchased a new Mac and are thus entitled to a upgrade at a lower cost. While retail copies have long since arrived in the hands of happy Mac owners, those who ordered the Up To Date DVDs are still waiting. According to the order status, they’ve been shipped by Purolator/Canada Post, but it’s a safe bet that they really mean Canada Post as Purolator is owned by Canada Post.

Here’s a sampling of what is being said:

According to Apple my shipment was sent by Purolater to a Canada Post depot where it will be sorted and hopefully delivered tomorrow or the day after … or the day after that. The customer service rep told me that if it doesn’t arrive by Tuesday I should call back and they would see about sending out another one .

Is Apple trying to save a few $$ here? I realize this was a U-T-D order for $13 , but why not just courier it directly to my house? They should perhaps reconsider their shipping options.

Well Purolator/Canada Post has failed on their 6 day time frame… not once, but by the looks of it…. hundreds….. I am pretty sure Apple could get something out of it….

Well I called purolator but they could tell me where my package is, since I have no tracking #, and I told them the situaltion. They told me to wait until tuesday, and if I dont get it by next week something might have gone wrong.

Thanks apple…
Just because we bought it for $13 doesnt mean we dont love you! Be nice to us, after all we forked over all that money for a computer.

Well I guess the only choice we have is to wait. Good things happen to those who wait- who knows maybe apple will refund our money?

It’s nearing the end of the work day and still no package. So it’s officially past the promised date. Not impressed. I made my UTD order over a month ago.

I’m pretty upset at apple myself. Pretty ridiculous. Just because I get something from them cheaper doesn’t mean they can take there time shipping it :@. For all I know they could have just shipped them out yesterday. Whatever, hopefully it will come tomorrow.

As you can see, Canadian fanbois are upset.  I’m in the same boat as I have a Up To Date DVD on order that has not arrived as of yet, and I have to say that I’m not really impressed with Apple at the moment. Perhaps there’s a really good reason for this? In the interest of finding out if that’s the case or not, I sent a message to Apple Canada PR asking for their comments on this situation. If they respond, I’ll post it here.

UPDATE: Still no comment from Apple (not that I’m surprised by that), but there are some comments on Twitter that might interest you.

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