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It’s Been A Week And Still No Snow Leopard Up To Date DVDs [UPDATED]


It’s been almost a week since I posted this story and it seems that Canadians are still not getting their Snow Leopard Up To Date DVDs from Apple. A quick look at Twitter as well as shows several things:

In my case, I phoned Apple and got a very helpful customer service rep who is creating a new order for me as we speak. The plan is to ship out a retail copy which I should get by the 18th of this month. So it does seem that Apple is trying to address this, but they are not doing this proactively. While it may be a lot of work for Apple to be proactive, it may create some good will if they reach out to their customers to deal with this rather than have their customers call in ticked off and complain.

Oh yeah, I’m still waiting for Apple P.R. to get back to me in regards to this issue. Not that I’m shocked by that or anything. Still, it might be worth it to them to at least comment on the issue to show that they at least care.

UPDATE: Apple P.R. may not want to speak to me, but their shipping department does. I just got a shipment notification which means my Snow Leopard is in transit. It has a tracking number (unlike the last one shipped by Canada Post) so I should be able to see its progress. Perhaps by Monday I’ll have it in my hands. By the way, others on ehMac who called Apple to complain are reporting the same thing.

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