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T-Mobile To Drop Paper Billing Fee “For Now”


You might recall that T-Mobile came up with the absolutely brilliant idea of charging customers $1.50 to have a paper bill. It now seems that the blow back from that was too much for the telco:

After an outcry from customers and threats of legal action, however, the company changed its mind. In a statement posted on a company Web page, T-Mobile said it had decided not to implement the fee, “for now.”

“Instead, we’ll be taking more time to determine the fairest way possible to encourage people to go paperless,” it said.

Coming up with ways to encourage people to go paperless is good. But perhaps they are actually thinking of a way to deal with this:

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, whose office had issued T-Mobile a warning over the planned fee, said in a statement that the company couldn’t legally impose new charges without giving customers the option of ending their service contracts early.

“My office will not sit back and let a company change its prices under the guise of “going green,'” he said.

Here’s a suggestion T-Mobile. How about giving customers a $1.50 discount for getting an electronic bill? That would likely make people buy into this idea. Oh wait. You won’t do that will you because you’ll be making $1.50 less per customer. I forgot that this isn’t about being green in the environmental sense. It’s about being green in terms of dollars in your pocket.

Still, you could prove me wrong. But I doubt that you will.

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