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Global Gaming Factory Hit By Bankruptcy…. Please God Let This End Here…


I am hoping that this is the beginning of the end of this sordid saga. Global Gaming Factory – the people who aspire to buy The Pirate Bay – has apparently been hit by a bankruptcy order in a Swedish court:

Global Gaming Factory X was due to pay Advatar System 1,378,525 kronor ($200,204) by July 25th this year – a debt which today remains unpaid.

Johan Sellström – a former board member of the Global Gaming Factory X and Advatar Systems’ Managing Director – is reportedly now tired of chasing the overdue debt. The suit states that “the debtor canot legally pay its debts, and such incapacity cannot be regarded as ‘temporary’.”

So if they can’t pay their bills, how can they buy The Pirate Bay? Clearly they can’t.

Can you say “smoke and mirrors?” Because that’s all this circus was.

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