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Wind Mobile: Kindness To Strangers And A Boot To Rogers, Bell, Telus


These are interesting times at the moment.

Wind Mobile has shot back at musings by Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed (among others) about buying their spectrum. In a blog posting, Wind Mobile’s Chief Customer Officer Chris Robbins had this to say:

We’ve been listening to Canadians for over a year as we’ve built out a network, and stores and services and platforms. Our goal is to be here to stay. Rogers and others should invest their money in adding value back to their own customers, before they look at “buying spectrum.”

That should get the attention of Rogers, Bell, and Telus. Oh yeah, according to the Toronto Star Wind Mobile is keeping their call center staff busy:

And so, instead of working, [Anu] Singer’s [Call center manager for Wind Mobile] employees are performing random acts of kindness, doing odd jobs at food banks, pumping gas and giving out free bus tickets in Brampton.

“I’ve actually been on the phone with schools in the Mississauga area … to ask if we can drop off pizza for their staff,” Singer said. Most wondered what she wanted in return.

Nothing; they just don’t have much else to do because WIND Mobile is the cellular division of spurned telecom provider Globalive Communications Corp.

Hmmm…. Random acts of kindness to win the hearts and minds of consumers and make the other three wireless carriers look bad in an indirect way. That’s a brilliant strategy! That’s one more reason why I would switch my phones to Wind Mobile if they get the green light to launch.

All that needs to happen is for Industry Minister Tony Clement to do the right thing.

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