Judge Says Rogers Can’t Claim To Be “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” [UPDATED]

You can bet that Rogers execs are freaking out right now. They’ve been using the tagline “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” for some time now. But those days have come to an end. A judge in B.C. has ruled that Rogers has to stop using that tagline unless it it can back it up. Needless to say Telus who filed the suit was happy about this:

“Our sole interest in filing the suit was to have Rogers remove what we always believed was a false, misleading and harmful claim from their advertising and this orders them to do that,” said Telus spokesman Shawn Hall.

But this isn’t over just yet. Both parties are back in court on Friday to work out the details regarding this. I couldn’t find any statements from Rogers about this, but I’m hoping that “my new best friends at Rogers” might be kind enough to offer a comment if they happen to be reading this.

UPDATE: Rogers has come out with a statement:

“We are perplexed by the decision. We continue to believe that our network reliability claim is valid. Today we have filed an appeal with the B.C. Court of Appeal. Further steps will be taken shortly.”

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