Bell Announces Better Customer Service… But Is It All Talk?

I noticed in today’s Metro that Bell Canada is announcing better customer service in the form of a two page advertisement. The ad directs you to a section of Bell Canada’s website which gives you the following points among others:

  • “With over 11,000 knowledgeable representatives right here in Canada in more than 20 cities, we’re ready to answer your call faster than ever before. We’ve made it our priority to hire and train agents in call centres across the country so you can get the answers you need quickly.”
  • “Need assistance? We know that your time is valuable and you need to call when it is convenient. So we’ve made it more convenient by extending our hours every weekday. And since you never plan when you might need some extra help, our technical support team is always available, 24/7, to make your life easier.”
  • “Book one of our technicians at your convenience. If you need help and one of our experts is unable to resolve your request by phone, they’ll send a Bell technician to your home. Our professionally-trained technicians are available for an at-home appointment within 24 hours of your call. In most cases, you’ll get a same day appointment if you call before 11am, or the next day, if you call after.

Charming. I guess that all the negative press from people like myself as well as other people about Bell Canada’s craptastic service has finally forced them to do something about it. Or perhaps their customers are simply leaving them and they have no other choice to keep the customers that they have left. Their Q4 report [Warning: PDF] seems to imply the latter:

“Residential NAS declined by 79,000 this quarter, or by 11.3% more than last year, due to reduced demand for wholesale local service.

Translation: Less people are going to Bell for their phone service.

Back to the issue at hand. The question is if these changes to improve their customer service just talk, or is Bell really serious about changing it’s horrific customer service? Time will tell I suppose, but for Bell Canada, it’s time for them to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.

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  1. Agreed Bell Customer service needs help. Been dealing with the same issue with them for 5 months for a service we never had, nor ever authorized but have now sent it to a collection agency. We have always had Rogers home phone so certainly not paying for a service that never existed.

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