Bye Bye Bell! – Part 3

So March 30th has come and gone, and the universe didn’t end after switching from Bell to Teksavvy Home Phone. One of the things that did happen is that Teksavvy called us to make sure that everything well (in fact they called us twice after we didn’t respond to their first call). That’s a nice touch and it shows their commitment to quality customer service.

We’re expecting something from Bell shortly. We’ve heard rumors that they charge you an extra month as you allegedly have to give them 30 days notice. We’ll see if they do that to us, and if they do I’ll let you know. We’ll also see if Bell sends us any marketing material. We remember when we switched our DSL based Internet to Teksavvy, Bell sent us a letter from Kevin Crull (President – Residential Services for Bell) saying that they’d miss us and they’d welcome us back when we wanted to come back. Let’s think about that for a second. We get better customer service and pay less for the same services from someone other than Bell and we would consider going back to Bell? I don’t think so. It’s not going to happen.

Stay tuned. I plan on reporting on what Bell does and I’ll let you know about important things like call quality and the like (which so far isn’t any different than Bell. That isn’t a shock as we’re still using Bell copper to deliver my phone service).

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  1. I bet you will get billed. It seems that unless you give 60 days notice, you seem to get billed. Lots of people on DSLReports have had it happen.

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