Bye Bye Bell! – Part 4

So we’re one month into our adventure with Teksavvy Home Phone and two things have come up that I’d like to update you on. First one of my readers made this comment in part 3 of my adventure when I mentioned that I’m expecting a bill from Bell because they want 30 days notice:

“I bet you will get billed. It seems that unless you give 60 days notice, you seem to get billed. Lots of people on DSLReports have had it happen.”

Guess, what? We got billed. My wife paid it before I could stop her from doing so. If we get billed again, we’ll be phoning Bell as clearly this is a cash grab. The funny thing is, that when you look for info on how to cancel your service on, they tell you to phone a Bell customer service rep. I guess they do that so they can try to convince you not to switch. It would be nice if Bell gave you those details up front, but they don’t strike me as the type of organization who would want to do that. After all, why would Bell want to actually do something that facilitates their customers ability to leave them?

The second thing that happened is that we got a card from Bell saying that “It was better with you here” and thanking me for our business. Oh yeah, they offered to waive the reconnection fee if we decided to come back. It was a nice card on a good paper stock and it made a bit of an impression on my wife. However, she did point out that if Bell really wanted to retain our business, here’s what they had to do:

  • Charge a fair price for their service: Seeing as we were paying $40 a month for phone service and Teksavvy was $12 a month cheaper for phone service, Bell is way out of line. Now Bell did offer us some deals when we asked about our contract status, but they would only last a year and then we’d be back to $40 a month. Sorry Bell. No deal.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Our rather horrific customer service experience is what started this ball rolling. Perhaps if Bell had handled this better, I wouldn’t be talking about this in my blog. Now I will admit that Bell claims to be improving that, but those improvements are way too late for me to stay with them.

Bell didn’t do either of those things which is why we’re with Teksavvy now. Speaking of Teksavvy, we’ve had no problems with our phone service at all and we haven’t had to call them for anything. That’s a good thing in my book.

We’ll keep you posted if anything else happens.

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