Apple Canada Seems To Be Hording iPhone 4’s At The Expense Of Rogers, Bell And Telus Dealers…. WTF?

If you want an iPhone in Canada, don’t bother trying to go to your local Rogers, Bell, and Telus dealer. The only way to get your hands on one seems to be to go the the Apple Store. Which in most cases requires you to wait in line for up to 4 hours or more. There’s a thread on the Canadian Apple Fanboi site where these sort of sentiments are being posted:

It seems like the rest of Canada is being ignored so they can supply the Apple stores. Kind of sucky.
I’m sure the supplies will be at normal levels in a couple weeks. As in, anyone can get one anywhere.


I was just at the Rogers store in Upper Canada mall and they told me that they weren’t getting any more until next month? What the heck?


That was fast. Rogers didn’t get any. It seems all is going to Apple.
Still looking for the 32GB gold!

Charming. I took the liberty of speaking with a few Telus, Bell, and Rogers dealers and they said variants of the following: They got a few on launch day (July 30th) and haven’t seen any since. They also don’t know when they’re getting any more, but they feel screwed over by Apple as the Apple stores seem to be able to get stock at will. If I were Rogers, Bell, and Telus, I’d be beyond upset by Apple at this point.

Frankly, I’m not surprised by this behavior. Many moons ago I worked for a series of Apple resellers and there was always uneven (at best) product distribution that was heavily slanted towards their retail stores and away from their resellers. I didn’t find it fair at the time and many customers didn’t either.

So I guess the take home message from Apple Canada is that if you’re Canadian and you want an iPhone 4, the only place to get it is the Apple Store until Apple feels like sending them to Rogers, Bell, and Telus. Oh yeah, bring comfy shoes as the wait to get one is likely to be long…. If you get one at all.

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  1. Yeah I have noticed this too. I been calling around doing a lot of research and I have the same feeling that Apple is just forcing for the next month only to buy iPhone’s from them….

  2. Indeed, this is beyond annoying! I live in Halifax, NS and the nearest Apple store is in Montreal, QC. Search GoogleMaps if you have no idea where either place is. Suffice it say, you can’t simply jump a bus and get one.
    Therefore, I have to wait until Apple finally decides to send some out our way…whenever that is!

  3. Doesn’t seem fair. I don’t pay too much attention to Apple and iPhones, but I guess this is why there was a line of about 10 people waiting outside the (very full and open) Apple store at Square One late this afternoon.

  4. The Apple Store doesn’t even have them…

    At least any time that I call…Multiple times daily. I emailed Steve Jobs about it though…I will let you know what he says…


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