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Review: Acer Liquid MT Smartphone – Part 2


I’ve used this smartphone for the last couple of days and the apps that it comes with are pretty interesting. The web browser for one gives you a complete web browsing experience. That includes pages with Flash. Nothing that I threw at it seemed to cause the web browser any problems. I tried the music player and it has an interesting feature called Shake Control which allows you to shuffle sounds by shaking the device. Personally I don’t know if I want to shake a smart phone worth a few hundred dollars to mix up my tunes. But the feature is there if you want to use it. One thing to note is that this phone has a Dolby Mobile equalizer, but I couldn’t really hear a difference. Oh yeah, there’s a app called Spinlets which provides media streaming content and the Media Server app allows you to share your media with family and friends. Cool.

Other apps include the Social Jogger app allows for instant toggling between Facebook and Twitter feeds, posts, photos, and updates. The email app has IMAP, POP3, and Exchange support along with support for Gmail and Talk. It also comes preloaded with a Rogers supplied backup app called MobileBack, Facebook, Twitter, Documents,  Navigation, Latitude, Places, and a Barcode Scanner among other things. Oh yeah, you’ve got a YouTube app too. I tried playing some videos and they play just fine. Just don’t try any HQ ones as they tend to bog the phone down. The sound is decent from the built in speaker. But if you’re an audiophile, you’ll want to use headphones.

So it really seems that this smartphone is loaded with apps. If you feel something is missing, there’s always the Android market as they likely have what you’re looking for.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the phone capabilities as well as try out the camera and I’ll be posting some examples of the latter.

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