Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – Part 2

So I’ve covered the gaming functions of this phone in part 1 of my review. Part 2 of my review will cover the smartphone functions of this phone because you might want to do something with it other than play games. The Xperia Play comes with a ton of apps including e-mail with support for Microsoft Exchange. As long as you don’t tell your boss about the ability to play games very well, you could use this at work. Of course all the other usual stuff that comes with Android phones is there as well. But the big news is that Sony Ericsson has tweaked the user interface so that the smartphone is easier to use. Nice touch. One thing that I want to point out is that I tried playing a YouTube video in HD over 3G. It actually played smoothly unlike the last phone I tried. I’m impressed. Another nice touch that I noticed include the fact that the SIM card and memory card are accessible without having to remove the battery first. A great design feature.

I’m going to take it out tomorrow and do some video and still pictures with the built in camera. We’ll see how well that performs.

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