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Adobe Brings Flash Media To iDevices Without Flash…. Seriously


Adobe has finally figured out a way to get Flash onto Apple’s iDevices… Sort of. Adobe has announced something called Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0. Now you can read the media stuff here, but I’ll give you the key point here:

With Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, media publishers now have a single, simple workflow for delivering content using the same stream to Flash-enabled devices or to the Apple iPhone and iPad.

In a nutshell, what Adobe is doing is repackaging the Flash content in real-time to suit the target device. For iDevices, you get Flash (though it’s only Flash video at this point) without Flash needing to be installed. As a bonus, iDevice users don’t get the battery life and CPU usage issues that Flash usually brings. Brilliant!

You have to wonder how Apple feels about this.

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