Rogers Ordered By CRTC To Stop Throttling Gamers

Here’s something I never expected from the CRTC. The Canadian telco regulator has given Rogers “mere days” to stop throttling gamers which is something I’ve previously reported on:

In a letter to the telecom giant, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission said the company’s own traffic management policy states that online games, such as World of Warcraft, should not be throttled or slowed down, and would only be affected if Rogers misclassifies the games and other peer-to-peer applications were running at the same time.

Rogers now has until Sept. 27 to present a plan to the regulator to deal with the issue.

“Commission staff considers that Rogers should address and resolve this misclassification problem,” the correspondence, dated Sept. 16, states.

Considering that the CRTC is made up of ex telco types, it’s a shock to see them take a firm stance like this. Rogers for its part had this to say:

In a statement issued Friday, Rogers downplayed any problems, saying the company already has corrected the issue with World of Warcraft and is “not aware of any problems with any other online games.”

That’s why the company “will table the process that we already have in place to deal with these issues,” Rogers said.

Actually Rogers, your users don’t think that you’ve dealt with the issue and they don’t have complementary things to say about your attempts to fix this. I’ll join the chorus. I’ve been highly critical over the years about the Rogers traffic management system. The only thing that they’ve done by handling this situation so poorly is make people think they are either trying to screw their customers, or their are incompetent when it comes to running their traffic management system. Rogers would do themselves a favor by either fixing this quickly and saying that they’re sorry, or turning off their traffic management system as it clearly has issues.

Oh yeah, I should mention that Rogers ability to keep their Internet users happy and keep a positive public image is another issue that will not go away even after this issue dies down. That might be something they should really be concerned about.

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