Review: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – Part 3: Performance And Wrap Up

In terms of performance, don’t expect any massive speed boosts. From what I can tell, OS X Lion runs at about the same speed as OS X Snow Leopard. One thing that I did notice is that when I was running graphics intensive applications (read: video games), my MacBook Pro didn’t as hot with Lion. I’m guessing that they optimized the graphics drivers to achieve that. I’m guessing that since Lion requires a 64-bit Mac, apps that are 64-bit should get a speed boost to some degree.

So is Lion worth upgrading to OS X Lion? Yes. I’m not sure that it’s the “most advanced” operating system, but there’s enough here for you to justify upgrading. Plus the changes are not going to upset your workflow all that much. There are some quirks such as the scroll direction, but nothing earth shattering. I give this OS X upgrade two thumbs up.

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