CRTC Says Rogers Violates Internet Rules… Shock, Not…

If you get your Internet from Rogers, this will not come as any great shock to you. According to the CRTC, Rogers violates federal rules because of the way it slows traffic and has decided to look into the matter further:

The probe stems from a complaint by the Canadian Gamers Organization, an advocacy group for people who play video games, that Rogers has been hindering online games.

You might remember that Rogers had been caught throttling World Of Warcraft users a while back, though they said that they fixed the problem. Of course the fact that the CRTC wanted them to stop throttling likely had something to do with that. But then, nobody believed that they had fixed the problem anyway. In any case, here’s what the CRTC is going to do:

The CRTC informed the gamers group on Thursday that it has referred the matter to its enforcement division, meaning commission staff consider Rogers to be violating the Telecommunications Act or CRTC regulations. Those rules allow throttling of peer-to-peer file sharing programs like BitTorrent, but not of time-sensitive internet traffic like video chatting or gaming.

It means that penalties could be on the way, which won’t be good for Rogers. Here’s what they could be facing:

If the CRTC confirms Rogers is in violation, the regulator can go so far as to order the company to partially reimburse customers and to change its practices.

I’ve been extremely critical about Rogers over the years because their traffic management system has proven to be such a #fail. If there was ever a time for Rogers to come clean and deal with this issue in an honest and forthright manner (which up until now they haven’t come close to doing), now would be the time. I don’t expect them to, so I hope the CRTC for once slaps them silly and shows that they aren’t just the pawns of the telco industry.

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