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Wind Mobile Lawsuit Saga Ends As Supreme Court Of Canada Refuses To Hear Appeal From Public Mobile


You might remember that Public Mobile was so ticked off by the fact that Wind Mobile was allowed to exist in Canada that they went to court to try and take them out. Well, that saga came to an end today as the Supreme Court Of Canada refused to hear the case:

The court’s ruling brings an end to a seesaw battle that had seen Cabinet overrule the CRTC, only to have a lower court overrule that decision before being ultimately rejected by Canada’s highest court.

Here’s what Wind Mobile had to say:

“Wind is interested in fighting in the marketplace … not in fighting in courtrooms,” Wind chairman Tony Lacavera said. “We’re extremely pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision, which will allow us to tie off this loose end and continue working” to serve Wind’s customer base of 400,000 people, Lacavera said.

“I feel really good now about approaching our investors and new potential investors that can back us now with confidence that all of our regulatory and legal issues are fully and finally behind us.”

Public Mobile likely isn’t happy about this. But I failed to find a press release regarding this or any sort of comment from them. Oh well. At least now both of them can focus on taking market share from Bell, Telus, and Rogers.

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