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Digital Backpack Launches for Android


I have a soft spot for up and coming Canadian companies. Such a company is Digital Backpack who have launched an app for Android smart phones that allows companies to securely distribute apps without relying on an app store. Here’s how the company explains it:

Our scalable platform helps your organization share and manage digital content and apps on multiple devices. We can even provide you with real-time analytics to help you evaluate which apps and digital content are being used – and which aren’t. With Digital Backpack, you can turn any mobile device into a private, secure, and manageable part of your organization’s community.

Additionally, as more and more organizations implement a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy in education and the workplace, Digital Backpack helps you securely manage your organization’s private content on your employees’ or students’ personal devices. You do not need to control the entire device, just a small digital “Backpack” (super app) that sits on any mobile device.

Now this makes sense to me. A lot of companies out there could leverage this and not be reliant on Google’s app store to do it. Though I don’t see it happening, it would be nice if this came to the iOS ecosystem. I’m thinking that once companies see the value in this, they’ll be beating a path to Digital Backpack’s door. Another thing in their favor is Mike Sommer who is the CEO of Digital Backpack. He is the former CIO of Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions and founder of Pacific Online Learning – a company whose platform is being used by Facebook, AT&T, The American Red Cross, and Home Depot. It sounds like that he has the ability to take this company to the next level.

My advice, keep an eye on this company. I really think they’re going to be a company that will make a lot a noise.

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