So My Wife’s Journey To An iPhone 5 Hit A Snag Due To Rogers

It was all going so well. My wife reserved her new iPhone 5 online using Rogers reservation system. She got a text message and an e-mail saying it shipped, And far earlier than we ever expected it to. She also got a phone call telling her to pick up her iPhone today. All of this was giving my wife who is no fan of Rogers a really good feeling about Rogers.

That changed tonight.

We arrived at our local Rogers store at 6:45 tonight. Since they close at 9PM it seemed like more than enough time. There were three people in line ahead of us and a bunch of people sitting around the store. I should mention that the store had just been renovated to fit that new retail concept that I’ve covered previously. We just assumed that we should get in line and wait our turn. Half an hour later we get to the front of the line. My wife presented her reservation info and her drivers license. That’s when she was told that we wasted half an hour standing in line. There apparently was a list that they were taking of names of people who like my wife had come to pick up an iPhone that was reserved through Rogers reservation system. Even if you were on the list, chances are my wife would not get her phone tonight as it would take up to an hour to activate the phone.

Clearly Rogers has yet again managed to bungle an iPhone launch. A search of Twitter pulls up tweets like these:

No service on Mabes IPhone 5. Rogers stating they have a 6hr delay due to all the activations. Wow! It’s been 5 1/2 hrs so far.

Still having to type angry Rogers tweets on my iPhone 3 while my iPhone 5 sits waiting as Rogers tries to reboot their Windows database-Wow!

Walked in to Rogers got iPhone 5 after work no hassles. Just have to wait 6hours for tech sup to set it up overnight

No iPhone 5 for me today. Note to self DO NOT reserve the #iPhone 5S from #rogers next year.

Man, #Rogers still swamped by iPhone 5 activations. I thought pre-ordering it would make it easier…

Rogers system is down cant get the iPhone 5 🙁

#Rogers is no better brutal customer service and been waiting 5 hours for them to figure out activating my iPhone today.

Wow, over heard at a Rogers store its taking an hour to get through to the call centre and then longer to activate iPhone 5.Could be 2morrow

Clearly Rogers has issues. The sad part is that this has happened to them before. When the iPhone 4 launched, they had similar issues. You’d think they’d learn from that and make sure that they could handle the volume of activations. But it’s clear that they didn’t. Not only that, they should have informed people coming into the store that they had issues and they might not get their phone tonight rather than have them wait for half an hour to find that out. That fact that they didn’t in our case (and many others in the store who were as frustrated as we were) is an epic customer service fail.

So here’s the plan. My wife and I are going to be back at our local Rogers store tomorrow morning around 8:30. Why? So we can be one of the first when the store opens at 10AM. Perhaps then she might have a shot at getting her iPhone 5. If that doesn’t work out, then she’s going to try again on Tuesday because she has a day off on Tuesday.

Oh, here’s some free advice for Rogers:

  • Your reservation system should make it easier to get a phone. For example, how about booking an appointment to get the phone rather than telling people such as my wife that they can come in “anytime” to pick up the phone. That would avoid a lot of ticked off customers.
  • Beef up your activation system. If failed when the iPhone 4 launched. It failed you again today. You clearly have an issue with it and you need to fix it as being unable to activate phones in a timely manner is not a great way to retain customers. Also, I’ll save you the trouble of searching Twitter. Bell doesn’t seem to have their customers complaining about activating iPhones and whatever issues Telus have with iPhone activations were resolved in a timely manner.
  • If you do have problems, your store employees need to be up front about it. They need to not have their customers wait in line for half an hour to be ticked off when they do find out. That’s just customer service 101.
  • When my wife talked to the Rogers store rep. over the phone yesterday, she was repeatedly told that she should just show up and she would be taken care of. Thus having this experience really casts a negative light on anything that is said by anyone working for Rogers. Take home message? Given the popularity of the iPhone, they should have said something else so that they don’t set expectations in the minds of their customers that they cannot meet.

We will see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, my wife is back to thinking negative things about Rogers. That’s a shame as because they were actually really close to changing her opinion of them. But quote my wife “Rogers is just being Rogers.”

Not good if you’re win hearts and minds.

5 Responses to “So My Wife’s Journey To An iPhone 5 Hit A Snag Due To Rogers”

  1. Got to Rogers store at 5:15. Was done in 30 mins. It’s expected the system would be busy. No worries. Played around with new features and wifi. Restored contacts. Phone up and running by 10pm. Be patient.

  2. Rogers SUCKS!!!!
    Rogers’s system can’t even handle 8300 iPhone activation? It’s hard to believe but it’s true. how come US doesn’t have this problem? Rogers store staff said it happened every time once new release of iPhone. obviously, Rogers roger the problem but choose to ignore since they have no intension to spend any money to upgrade the system to make their customers feel better.
    Rogers customer service is not good. the staff from Rogers store told us go home and wait couple days until the system is ok. What the FXXX! They called this customer service.

  3. I don’t understand why you are complaining. Why do you feel the need to be to get a iPhone on first day of launch if you know every year there are these issues? The reason Bell and Telus never have these issues is because no-one was activating or doing a hardware upgrade with them! If your wife was told to ” just show up” why did you choose to wait in line? That was up to you…. It seams like you are complaining about things that were in your control. Here’s some free advice: either wait a week to get your iPhone or order it on-line so you don’t even have to leave your house but stop complaining dude.

  4. I ordered my iPhone 5 on September 25th, in hopes that by October 12th (the day that marked the end of my 3 year contract), it would be in, and I could avoid having a pro-rated bill for my outdated BlackBerry Curve 8900.

    I was on the wait-list up until this past Saturday, however between Monday and Friday, I only moved from #230 to #227. What kind of multi-billion dollar telecommunications company (who’s supposed to be the industry leader) only moves 3 units, in 3 days? This is unbelievable. Now that I’m finally off of the wait-list, the system is telling me it could take an additional 2 weeks to ship my device to my Rogers location. Are you kidding me? All of these ads that claim “Reserve your iPhone 5 now, and receive it in 14 days!”…That’s simply a crock.

    I’ve called Rogers retention’s and have notified them that because my 3 year contract is now expired, it costs me NOTHING to leave them. I should also mention that friends and family who decided to get themselves an iPhone 5 from another provider, after I reserved mine, have had their devices now for well over a week. Instead of cancelling my services, they’ve offered me a pretty amazing plan for when my iPhone finally comes in, but that still doesn’t solve this issue. If I went to another provider, I could have an iPhone 5 TODAY!

    This is ridiculous. Roger’s needs to get it together, and stop with this wait-list BS. They need to simply ship these units to their retail locations, and sell them like they would any other device. It will be month since I’ve ordered my iPhone 5, before I even get it.

    Good luck getting yours if you haven’t reserved it yet.

  5. glad someone else feels my pain. I ordered my 16 gig black iphone 5 on sept 28th, its been well over a month and i am still position 2600…. i started in position 4700. I canot express how dissapointed i am with this system. From the sounds of it i will have to wait ANOTHER month to recieve an iphone 5 which i reserved. sort it out rogers

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