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Rogers Announces Windows 8 Smartphones On Their LTE Network


I had a poll up a while ago where 34% of people chose “other” rather than RIM (0%), Android (31%) or Apple (34%). Perhaps some of the “other” category are waiting for Windows 8 phones? If so, Rogers announced yesterday that they are adding Windows 8 phones to their lineup:

Rogers Communications Inc., Canada’s leading diversified communications and media company, announced today it shares an alliance with Microsoft and is the preferred Canadian wireless partner for the launch of Windows 8. Rogers will be the only mobile carrier in Canada to offer the Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8X by HTC (8GB) and the Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet. Rogers will also retail the Windows Phone 8X by HTC (16GB) and the Samsung ATIV S Smartphone in Canada on its LTE network, the world’s fastest wireless network technology.

Beyond the press release was a post on RedBoard with some details on the devices:

So, given the iPhone 5 and the plethora of Android phones out there, will you take a look at Windows 8 phones? Post a comment and share your thoughts.


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